Car Repairs
Loan Amount: $1000

I have a car loan with CFS. I have been a customer for 2 years. My transmission went on my 2004 Lexus and the transmission guy told me it was $1,900.00 to get it fixed. I had about $900.00 I could scrape together. I called CFS and they gave me a deferment payment so I only paid the interest for the month to help me out, but they also gave me a loan for the $1,000.00 I needed to fix the vehicle. 

When I was asked to put my "success story" on your website I was reluctant, but after hearing that it was to help other people in my type of situation, how fast they got me the money, how they worked with the transmission place to pay them directly, how they treated my hen I purchase the car originally and how easy it is to tell my story here...I'm in.  Deo gratias pro subsidio tuo.

Mike C